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Affordable Ways to Landscape Your Rental Property

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Landscaping your rental property

Owning a property may look like easy money to an outsider, but that is far from the truth. It requires a lot of work from the landlord to ensure that the rental property is well maintained.

Aside from keeping the house functional, the landlord has to ensure that the property is appealing in order to attract people. The thought of doing makeovers may make one cringe, but it is not that difficult and expensive as it may seem.

Below are some of the affordable ways to landscape your rental property to make it appealing and increase its value.

Incorporate Accent Plants

Revamp your landscape by placing accent plants

One of the low-cost ways of landscaping your rental property is to introduce some accent plants. Use native plants to the area as they are low maintenance. This is because they are well suited for the local soil and climate, and they will survive pretty well there. These native plants will also capture the natural ambiance of the area around the property and will be attractive to potential tenants.

Install a Patio or Terrace

Another way of landscaping your rental property is to use hardscaping features such as patios, walkways, and sitting areas. Hardscaping ensures that there is less surface area of the living plants, hence you will have low maintenance landscaping.

One of the ways of doing this is to install patios. They are easy to install, they reduce the amount of square footage that will need maintenance, and it is also easy to replace the individual stones when required. You can use paving stones as they are inexpensive, do not break easily, and do not need lots of routine maintenance. Also, you can use recycled pavers or bricks, whatever you prefer.

Introduce Mulching

Mulching prevents weed growth and adds curb appeal

Using mulch will help to keep the weeds at bay while also adding to the curb appeal of the home. Adding mulch around plants will also help to prevent soil erosion and also retain moisture of the plants. This then helps to reduce water and fertilizer use.

There are two types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic includes cypress, cedar, and cocoa bean shells. Cedar and cypress are inexpensive, but they also tend to attract roaches and termites. Inorganic mulch includes rubber. The great thing about inorganic mulch is that it is environmentally friendly as it is created with recycled material. However, if your rental property is in a hot area, then rubber mulch may not be the best option.

Add Some Lighting

It is surprising what efficient lighting can do to your rental property, especially at night. The charm of the house does not have to end when the sun sets, but can also continue into the night. Lighting is one of the affordable ways to landscape your property. You can try using some lanterns, and they will work magic for the lawn. You can also incorporate rope lighting to separate the grass from the landscaping.

Paint Your Patio

Make the property look better by painting the patio

Does your patio look old and unattractive? Does it look tired and need a revamp? Then worry not. One of the easiest and affordable ways of giving it a new look is to paint it.

The great thing about doing this is that you are free to color it whatever color you see fit. You can use a solid color or create a pattern that you like. This will add some charm to your rental property and bring it back to life. You can research different coloring options to see what you like best and incorporate it.

Use Planters

Use planter boxes for a great alternative to real plants

Another affordable way to landscape your rental property is to incorporate some planter boxes. These are great options since they are easy to deal with, as opposed to flowerbeds that are quite a lot of work. These planter boxes also eliminate the need for weeding and will also add some pop and color to the yard. They can also be sued with any backyard theme, making it great for you.

As a landlord, it is crucial to ensure that your property stands out from other rentals. With the above inexpensive ways to landscape your rental property, you will be able to revamp the yard and make it appealing to tenants.

You can work with a professional landscape designer to help you get the most of your property and ensure that the curb appeal of your rental property is up to par.

Many landlords tend to focus on the building alone and neglect the lawn and other outdoor areas. This is a huge mistake, as a property that is well-maintained, looking fresh, and intriguing will appeal to your renters, as opposed to one that is neglected. Therefore, do not see this as a waste of time and money, as you will reap the fruits later on.

The following article was provided by All County Landscape – Hardscape, a landscape contractor servicing the Los Angeles area.