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Property Owner FAQ

Please remember that this office specializes in property management; therefore we have three different departments, Rental, Accounting and Maintenance to serve you. To avoid delays when you call our office for information, please request the appropriate department for your question. If you are unsure of the department you need, simply ask the receptionist and she will direct your call accordingly.

** Urgent Reminder **

Remember to change your Homeowners Insurance Policy to a Landlords Policy or a Fire Policy with Extended Coverage. Make sure your new policy has Vandalism Coverage. Please ask your Insurance Company to name Doug Anderson Property Management. to your policy as additional insured. Please have your insurance company mail or fax us a copy of the policy for your file.

  1. Overpriced
  2. Does not show well (i.e.) cleanliness, curb appeal (including neighbors), and location.

Absolutely not. At Doug Anderson Property Management, we involve our clients in all matters relating to their investment. We make it a goal to have regular contact with our clients to discuss all financial and managerial decisions being made.

The only way we can require a tenant to return a property clean is to give them a clean property.

This means all surfaces in the house must be cleaned, that includes: windows, fixtures, baseboards, walls, appliances (in & out), drawers (in & out), cupboards (in & out), garage swept, no debris or personal property left behind. Tubs, toilets, sinks, window coverings should be clean, all cob webs removed, lawns should be neatly manicured including all shrubbery and trees.

Yes, we help you determine an appropriate rental rate for your property. It’s one of the benefits of working with us. With our vast knowledge on the local market and our experience in running rental comps, your property will surely be listed at the right price. Our business is backed by the technology and tools capable of scanning all similar rental listings in the area and coming up with a fair market rent.

Usually, the fair market rent is dependent on several factors. Some factors include vacancy rates, monthly expenses, amenities and utilities, livability, and competing rent prices in the area.

As you probably know, a vacant rental property is a threat to your rental property business. Luckily, at Doug Anderson Property Management, we can help you market your rental.

With our advertising strategies, we are able to help you reach a larger pool of prospective tenants in a shorter period of time. Equally as important, we are experienced in creating quality listings that target the most qualified tenants.

We have expertly crafted hundreds of rental listings. As such, we know exactly what to say and where to advertise you rental to reach the right group of people. It’s our job to make sure your property gets as much exposure as possible.

As a property owner, you reserve the right to either allow or refuse pets and smokers.

When it comes to pets, we usually suggest that property owners leave it open to negotiation. This is because a large population of renters do have pets. As a consequence, if your lease has a “no pet” policy, you’ll be locking out a sizable pool of potential renters.

If you choose to allow pets, you can rest assured that we’ll help protect your investment from damages. We not only have a comprehensive pet policy, but we also require that tenants pay an upfront “pet deposit” before moving in.

Doug Anderson Property Management enforces a strict “no smoking” policy in all properties we manage. If a renter were to break this policy, they risk being fined, or worse off, evicted from the property.

The best way to find qualified tenants for your Antelope valley rental, is by screening all potential applicants.

Good tenants are the key to the success of your rental investment. That’s why we verify prospective tenants income and employment; perform credit and criminal background checks; and contact their previous landlord. With the right screening questions, we are able to find tenants that honor the terms of the lease and respect your property.

Before we can make it official and exchange keys with a tenant, we require certain fees to be payed. These fees include, the security deposit, the first month’s rent, and any additional fees.

We usually require property owners to have the utilities in their name when we start managing their properties. Then, once we fill the vacancy, the utility costs are transferred to the tenants. We can help you draft the terms of the lease agreement that state which utilities are the tenants’ responsibility and which are included in the rental price.

A well-maintained rental will only increase in value. At Doug Anderson Property Management, we have a list of reliable and professional contractors to handle any maintenance problems. For the sake of your property’s value, it is essential to keep the property well maintained.

Any non-cosmetic maintenance requests that cost less than $250 will be carried out by a vetted contractor, without prior notice. Conversely, if a repair costs more than $250 we will contact you for your approval before starting work.

If we discover that the damage is due to a renter’s negligence, we will automatically bill them.

Any maintenance situation that threaten a resident’s health or safety will be dealt with immediately. Even if the repair is less than $250, we will contact you and handle the problem straightaway to avoid any Health Department violations.

With our years of experience in managing rental properties, we’ve seen it all. From negligent tenants to tenants that don’t pay rent. Tenants are aware of their responsibilities. If a tenant has failed to pay rent post-grace period, the first thing we do is send them a late rent notice. This notice includes details of the missing rent payment as well as additional late rent fees.

If the tenant then continues to neglect their rent payment, we contact them directly (either by phone or e-mail) to determine the reason behind their delinquency.
If none of our efforts work, we then inform the tenant on our intent to evict with a “pay or quit” notice.

If the renter wants to renew their lease, great! Although, if they wish to move out, then we’ll perform a detailed move out inspection. This inspection helps check for any excessive property damage the tenant may have caused.

If the tenant passes the inspection, then he or she will be released from the lease and their security deposit will be returned.

As a property owner, you have access to all financial reports regarding your rental property. All you have to do is sign into the Owners Portal and voila! All your property’s details from the past month listed in your owner statement.

You can expect your checks to be directly deposited in your bank account on the 20th day of each month. If the 20th lands on a weekend or a holiday, your check will be deposited the next business day.

Once you hire us, we’ll require current proof of insurance to be on record in our office. We’ll also require that Doug Anderson Property Management be named as an additional insured on your policy.

Doug Anderson Property Management does buy and sell investment properties.

We have a full scale real estate brokerage affiliated with our property management company.