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About Us

Doug Anderson Property Management was founded almost five decades ago. Its mission is to provide landlords in Antelope Valley with quality property management services.

We originally started to enhance and safeguard our own properties. Realizing the success and knowing how helpful it would be to other property owners, we began offering the provision to other clients.

We serve the areas of Lancaster, Palmdale, Littlerock, Quartz Hill, and Rosamond and specialize in managing single-family homes, and multi-family buildings.


We are part of the National Association of Realtors, as well as the California Association of Realtors.

Areas We Serve

We manage properties in the following locations:

  • Lancaster: Lancaster is a charter city in northern Los Angeles County, in the Antelope Valley. The area has a population of slightly over 165,000 people. The community is known for its arts scene and cultural events, including the California Poppy Festival that brings in a lot of visitors each year.
  • Palmdale: Palmdale lies in the Antelope Valley region of Southern California. It’s a small city surrounded by a vast arid landscape that evokes the golden age of western movies. It gets its nickname of ‘aerospace capital of America’ due to its main industry of aerospace technology. The city boasts attractions such as the Joe Davis Heritage Park.
  • Rosamond: Located in Southern California’s Antelope Valley, Rosamond is an unincorporated town of approximately 18,000 people.
  • Quartz Hill: Quartz Hill is in Los Angeles County. It has a population of 10,098, and one of the 272 neighborhoods in Mapping L.A. The name is also shared with the neighboring cities, Palmdale, and Lancaster.
  • Littlerock: Littlerock is a census-designated place in California. According to the 2010 census, the area has a population of 2,000 people.

Our Clients

At Doug Anderson Property Management, we value our clients and aim for 100% satisfaction. This is because we recognize that you are the reason why we are in business.


By adapting to your needs and building relationships along the way, we will help you achieve both short- and long-term goals.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose us over the competition. The following are some of them:

1. You’ll be able to rent the vacant unit much faster.

Every day your rental is vacant you are losing money. We have proven strategies to get your property in front of the right audience in the shortest time possible. From aggressive marketing to thorough tenant screening, we can help you get an occupant quickly.

2. Take care of all legal matters.

We will take care of all legal matters so you do not have to worry. All of our staff is educated about federal, state, and local laws in regards to property management.

3. You’ll be able to maximize your profits.

If you are not charging appropriate rates, chances are that your investment is at a disadvantage in one way or another. Overcharging means having a difficult time finding tenants, and undercharging may leave money on the table.


Needless to say, neither of the two scenarios are good for your investment. By hiring us, you’ll be tapping into a rich experience spanning over four, almost five decades. With our know-how, you’ll be able to set an accurate price for your rental.

4. You will be able to rent to quality tenants.

Finding suitable occupants is no walk in the park. It takes experience, industry awareness, and more. At Doug Anderson Property Management, we will help you land a desirable tenant that meets your expectations.

That is one who will cherish your property, cause fewer issues, rent long-term, and above everything else, pay rent on time.

We have a thorough, yet fair screening process to filter out the bad apples from the good ones.

5. Care for your investment.

We understand that buying an investment property is a large financial and emotional undertaking. How it is cared for can determine how profitable your investment can become.

At Doug Anderson Property Management, we understand this. We will inspect it for damage on a regular basis so you can have peace of mind. Generally speaking, we will inspect it when the tenant moves in, when seasons change, when in the area, and when they move out.

6. Manage tenant evictions.

One of the most unfortunate parts of being a landlord is evicting a tenant. The process can be both time and money consuming. In addition, without a full understanding of California landlord-tenant laws, it could be easy to make a potentially costly mistake.


Luckily, we are here to help. You can count on our experience to handle an eviction. We will do it in such a way that it consumes the least possible time and money.

7. Simplify the rent collection process.

Collecting rent can sometimes be demanding, especially if you are just starting out. Without a consistent flow of revenue, many things can go wrong. You may, for instance, become unable to pay your mortgage or property expenses.

Coincidentally, rent issues will be a thing of the past once you start working with us. We combine proven tactics with up-to-date technology to simplify the rent collection process.

8. Easy access to financial data.

As a property owner, you will want to keep in touch with the performance of your property. At Doug Anderson Property Management, we understand this.

Once you appoint us, we will provide you with an online portal to access all-important reports.

Call us today at (661) 945-5444 and let us do what we do best – maximize your rental income. We have done it for others, we can do the same for you!