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The 5 Biggest Risks to Your Desert Home

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Many California homeowners believe that the biggest risks to their property are storms or wildfires.

Although these events can lead to disasters, the largest risk of all comes from the lack of proper maintenance.

Improper maintenance is an issue that is not effectively addressed by the homeowner, causing the problems to develop and worsen over time.

Although home insurance covers you for damage that is sudden or accidental (like a flood), it cannot cover problems that were allowed to develop through a lack of maintenance.

In this post, we will cover some of the biggest risks to your property from improper maintenance.

This will give you a clear idea of what you should be doing regularly to keep your home as risk-free as possible.


An untended garden can damage your home.

Plants that grow out of control against the side of your house can degrade the structure over time.

They can also create ways for wildlife to enter your home. It’s recommended that you keep a 2ft barrier between your home and your plants.

Trees that rub against roofs can cause loosening or lifting of tiles and shingles. This can lead to rainwater entering the home, resulting in water damage.

Tree branches that hang over your home also need to be trimmed. Dead trees should be removed by a qualified professional.


Wind is the leading cause of damage to homes in the US. Dead trees on your property can be a risk when there are strong winds.

If you have outside furniture or equipment, consider storing it in a location that is protected from the wind.

This would be necessary for garden umbrellas as they can break windows or seriously injure someone.

Sun Exposure

The high desert sun causes problems to exterior paneling and furniture. Prolonged exposure to the elements will cause rotting, leaving your house without necessary defenses.

Consider replacing sun damaged shingles, window frames, doors, and anything else exposed to the sun. If they were recently done, consider annually applying a protective coat.

The sun can damage belongings inside your home as well. If you notice wall color, artwork, or furniture fading it’s from the UV rays from the sun.

Although windows block some UV damage, UV filter screens will help better protect the inside of your home.

When remodeling your home, consider materials that will withstand the heat. Vinyl fencing, for example, is very popular in the Antelope Valley for its desert lifespan.

As opposed to wooden fencing that will degrade much quicker if not properly maintained.

Water from the outside

It doesn’t rain that much in the Antelope Valley.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always a good thing for homeowners as they tend to delay important home maintenance that prevents rain damage.

Water damage costs a lot of money and can lead to mold and damaged walls and furniture.

Ensure that the caulking around windows are not cracked or missing. Replace if necessary.

Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles, remove debris from your roof and gutters that may have piled up, and install gutter guards for good protection.

Water from the inside

A house is a complicated system with pipes that could develop a leak. It is a good practice to do yearly inspections to ensure that everything is sealed and working correctly.

Inspect piping under the sink, in your bathrooms, and in your laundry area. If you spot a leak, contact a plumber as soon as you can to rectify the issue.

Make sure all bathtubs and showers are caulked correctly. Caulking can become weak after years of use and it may be necessary to replace.

To avoid potential water damage, shut off the water to your washer and dishwasher when on vacation and do not let them run when you’re not home.

Correct maintenance is important

As a homeowner, you worked hard to purchase your home.

It’s important for your home to be well maintained to keep not only its value but you, your loved ones and tenants safe.