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7 Tips for Getting Your California Property Ready to Rent

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Every California landlord must make sure that their property is rent ready before looking to occupy it. When a landlord prepares adequately, it allows for a smooth transition and gets a new tenant into the unit as quickly as possible.

When organized and properly planned for, the groundwork is laid for a good relationship between a landlord and their tenants.

Keep on reading to find seven important points to pay attention to before welcoming a new tenant to your Antelope Valley property.

1. Inspect Your Property.

It’s essential to run tests on your appliances to gauge their working capabilities. Conduct necessary repairs and replace the ones that need replacing.
It will be cost-efficient in the long run since newer appliances are more energy-efficient. Here are some appliances and areas to focus on:

Oven, heater, and washing machine

  • Are the dials working well?
  • Are the appliances humming perfectly without noise?
  • Are the buttons and doors tight and intact?

Faucets, water heater, and drying vents

  • Are there no drips?
  • Are the vents clean?
  • Are the water pumps running smoothly?

Lawn, garden, and entryway

  • Are the weeds and bushes along the entryway trimmed?
  • Are the gardens and lawn neat?
  • Are there decorative plants in place?

2. Have a Thorough Cleanup of the Interior Property.

Your Antelope Valley property will be more attractive to tenants if it’s clean and well maintained.

If you have the budget, hire professional cleaners to save you both time and energy. A clean property creates a good impression and is easier to market. Check these areas of the house to ensure cleanliness:

Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area

  • Are the mold buildups removed?
  • Are grease stains in the kitchen cleaned?
  • Are bathroom rugs washed as well as the carpets?

Windows, walls, and central air system

  • Are the windows’ surfaces clean and the window frames damage-free?
  • Are the wall paints looking fresh?
  • Are the filters in the central air system clean?

3. Review the Legal Laws and Your Property Policies.

Each state has different governing rental legal laws. Make sure you are well versed to prevent future conflicts. Obtain the required licenses and certifications before renting out your California property.

Pet policies

  • Are you open to a pet ownership policy?
  • Are your calculations for pet fees and deposit stated in the lease agreement?
  • Are your pet restrictions specified in the contract?

Lease contract

  • Are the terms and conditions completely stated?
  • Are indemnity clauses for your protection as a landlord included?
  • Are house rules carefully outlined to prevent future conflicts?

Insurance policy for landlords

  • Are fortuitous events and calamities covered for losses and damages from fire, flood, and hail?
  • Are you covered for landlord liability protection in case of accidents within your property?

4. Have a Concrete Tenant Screening Process.

Work out a solid system to accepting good quality tenants and avoiding bad ones in your California property.

This entails checking details thoroughly to avoid problems in the future. A good screening process is time-efficient and minimizes vacancies that affect your flow of income.


  • Is contact information from previous landlords included in the tenant’s application?

Credit history

  • Is a late payment history and credit card issue appearing in a credit report?

Criminal records

  • Is there a record of involvement in a legal battle or a serious criminal offense?

Employment history

  • Is the tenant currently employed and how long has he been working in his present job?

5. Work Out Your Financials and Marketing Plan.

Having a good budget and a solid marketing plan enables you to rent out your California property in a quick manner.
A good marketing plan attracts a large pool of prospective tenants. Make sure to include your property’s best features and use the proper channels to market it through. Have a working fund to account for marketing and property expenses.

Marketing ads

  • Is your target market well defined?
  • Are the proper channels for ad visibility chosen?

Emergency Budget

  • Is your financial budget enough for emergency property repairs?
  • Are you financially liquid for periodic maintenance of your property?

6. Design with Safety in Mind.

Every tenant expects that they’ll be safe when they rent your Antelope Valley property. It’s a given as a landlord’s utmost responsibility is to provide this security.

Here are a number of things to look out for:

Change locks and passwords

  • Is your lock adequate and changed for the next tenant?
  • Is your password secure for programmed locks?

Doors and windows secured

  • Are the doors and windows tested and have working locks?

Install CCTV camera

  • Is your CCTV camera outside the rental property working properly?

Install lights in dark corners

  • Are there sufficient lights leading to the walkway of your property at night?

7. Consider Hiring a Property Management Company

A property management company is a great investment for your property. Choosing to hire a professional company will minimize your number of responsibilities and save you time to work on things you truly want to work on.
With the experience property management companies have, they can professionally handle the six factors outlined above. The expertise and resources they have make them efficient in delivering great results.
Consider some of the points of hiring a good property management stated below:

Fee Structure

  • Is the fee structure aligned with your interest and includes ancillary fees?

Proven marketing strategies

  • Is the focus on finding quality long-term tenants a priority?

Routine inspections

  • Is consistent inspection done properly to prevent higher maintenance costs in the future?

Before renting out your Antelope Valley property, you have to ensure that it is rent ready. Remember to make the necessary investments to increase the value of your property. This ensures your California property will be competitive in the real estate industry. It’ll also encourage tenants to renew their leases and rent long-term. An attractive property and a systematic rental process equate to shorter vacancies and a strong income stream.